August 20 2011

The Falstead Times – Text Copy

No Leads in High-Profile Disappearances

Police remain baffled by the disappearance of philanthropists Marcus and Janet Blakely last Saturday. The Blakelys, who were last seen at the UNH Children’s Hospital Fundraising Dinner, disappeared without a trace sometime after 10 pm on the 6th. Police looking into the case say they have no leads.
“They were such wonderful people,” says Marie Gonzalez, their maid, “I can’t imagine them having any enemies.” While the couple have made donations to numerous local charities and many public interest groups, police say that “the Blakelys had no record of any threats, intimidation, or criminal activity. No ransom has been issued – we are still investigating their recent activities further and hope to resolve this soon.”
Adding mystery to this case, activist and community organized Brandon Tarka, who has worked closely with the Blakeys for years, has also gone missing. Police say that they are looking into leads on this one – Tarka, who worked with troubled youth in Falstead, has been involved in gang conflicts before – and that it is premature to say that the disappearances are connected.
Our own research says something different. The Falstead Times has found out A4

Newport gets a New Injection

Newport, the long-troubled development on Falstead’s pier, may be getting a much needed monetary injection. Sources close to the City Manager say that next month’s “Newport’s News” festival is being heavily subsidized by the city in an attempt to get more vendors out and about. Will this investment help the slouching economy of our city’s newest development? B3

MMAF: Kittens and Catastrophes

The newest exhibit in Falstead’s Museum of Modern Arts starts today, with artist Tony Richochet’s piece “Catastrophe Kittens”. Richocet’s work melds taxidermy and abstract painting to create an exhibit which both horrifies and inspires. C4

Falstead Falcons Fail at Football

Local Kitten Stuck in Tree: “It Was a Cry For Help”, Says Owner

Shootings in Oceanside “Not Gang Related,” Say Police. Gangs Say Otherwise.

Goethe Circle’s New Traffic Light Is A Logistical Nightmare, Says Residents.

Flooding Near LaMarc Bridge Sends Sewage Present to Residents

“Taxes Too High” Say Templeton Residents. “We Have No Homes”, respond homeless.

Museum District Gears up For Falstead Anachronism Night Next Month

August 20 2011

The Falstead Mysteries Braincase