Eric Carl Williams


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Eric lives in a small second-floor two-bedroom apartment in a student and former-student infested part of town with his roommate Tom, a tall, skinny indie man-child of about thirty who is balding, has a thick beard, and is prone to wearing ugly sweaters. Tom reminds Eric of a character David Cross might play in a sketch comedy. Though they do not hang out often outside the house, they do get along very well and share an almost “old married couple” feel without the shouting. If you’ve ever been over you probably find that Tom is very unassuming and goofy with “mid-thirties” hipster qualities. He is not gay but you probably think he is. The apartment is small, but not cramped, and has a couch, several chairs and a television collected from craigslist in the livingroom, a small, nineteen fifties style kitchen, and many, many ironic wall decorations.

Eric works at Advanced Paper Solutions, “The One Stop Copy Shop for All Your Personal Paper Needs”, as a chief of staff. You’ve seen the commercials on TV and the first time you found out he worked there you probably got really excited and quoted a line from one of the many commercials that have become internet jokes. He hates his job and has probably pawned stolen office supplies off on you and shown you one of the many “guerilla” comics he’s made on the company scanners.

Eric talks about his parents as if they were super over-protective but his evidence to support this opinion is lacking and it’s at least obvious that they’re pretty laid back and that they’ve always embraced Eric’s fascination with the art world. They live in Danville California, which is close to Oakland where Eric grew up. He probably has also either mentioned or excused himself from conversation to answer a phone call from his sister, Natalie, who is “the baby of the family” and currently attends graduate school somewhere in France.

You’ve probably heard of Eric’s graduation from art school. He used to create large, biology-inspired metal sculptures and their landscapes or ecosystems. Since college, however, he hasn’t had much time to maintain his art due to pesky bills and loan payments but he grabs time where he can. He’s a big reader, primarily of fiction, and his favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut followed by Raymond Carver and Ken Kesey. He’s read “Deadeye Dick” about fourteen times and has probably pushed a copy into your hands more than once. Eric’s also intensely into music (all genres) and has been known to keep a movie collection. He often gets sidetracked by small personal research projects that often end once he has acquired an amount of knowledge equivalent to reading a wikipedia page. He likes to keep up on politics and the news just enough so that he can look informed in conversation, but his cynicism often gets the best of him and his Machiavellian views on humanity as a whole cause him to focus more on his own personal effectors despite his liberal leanings. He is also a devout athiest.

Eric Carl Williams

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